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Established in 2018, AMFY is conceded as the most fast growing service provider that is accessible to every user in the US. We are staffed with professionals to fulfil the needs of our clients and oblige them the best services on the doorsteps without the hassle of stepping out of their homes. We make sure the prolong comfort level. AMFY also indulges in providing business to business (B2B) as well as business to consumer (B2C) contact number, addresses, reviews, ratings, and other information. We also provide the most comprehensive, dependable and wide information to the clients to connect them with our suppliers. With the help of technology and domain expertise, AMFY understands the needs of the consumer in detail and matches it with the affirmative service required.

What do we aim for?

We desire to comply with all the needs of the customer, be it related to any service required or information. Our sole aim is to be the solution for every desideratum of the consumer. The client can inform us more about their requirements and we will substantially serve them with accurate services.

Our most popular services include:

-> Carpenters- Broken table or bed? We will send a person with impressive skills to mend the furniture as per your instructions.

-> Carpet Cleaning- Too tired from your daily chores, but cleanliness is needed? We provide the most efficient person to do it for you.

-> Painter- When you are bored of seeing the same interior every day, with a few simple steps on your laptop, we will assign a painter to bring a newness with colors in your house.

-> Plumber- We will also fix your taps and other gears for water supply, sanitation or heating systems with the help of top-class plumbers.

-> Daily Needs- Grocery shopping is very much needed to carry on with your daily life. We can do the same, you just have to let us know.

-> Doctors- Inform us about the requirements regarding the condition and we will find the best doctor to your door.

-> Property dealing- Move into a new house without going through the hassle of moving out into the streets to look for a new shed.

-> Movers and packers- When you have happily opted for a new house, we will also help you to move in and keep you away from all the hard work.

With this, we provide many more services that put your life at ease. AMFY is here to take responsibility for all your chores with the best services, making everything just one click away from you. Besides availing our services, you can also register and add your business with us and we will assist you in expanding your business. With this, we will also give a preview for all your listings, the reviews as well as the messages you receive from the clients. When we work hand in hand, we can expand our customer base and provide them better services.

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